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Creon, LLC began with owner, Dave Korthuis, already serving various loyal customers in Whatcom County with custom metal fabrication since 2006.   Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and copper continue to be shaped and formed to provide consumers with a custom product designed to suit each individual need.  From residential homes to commercial buildings to processing and manufacturing plants, each customer is important and deserves the focus and attention that we at Creon provide.  We work alongside you each step of the way to understand your needs and wants, and in the end, provide you with a product that surpasses your expectations.  With approximately 60 years of combined experience, we have the level of quality, design, and creativity needed to keep our customers satsifed.  We look forward to working with you!


Located At:
1038 Van Dyk Rd.
Lynden, WA  98264

Mailing Address:
7358 Lankhaar Rd.
Lynden, WA  98264

Ph: 360.318.1559


Dave Korthuis has spent many years in the metal fabrication industry.  Growing up on a farm in local Whatcom County has given him the values and ethics that is so irreplaceable in this century.  As a teenager he, like many others, started sweeping floors for a metal fabrication company and was soon the one behind the welder, forming the products for the customers.  He rose to the challenges and began meeting with customers, designing the products and ensuring the needs were met.  Now, as the owner of Creon, he understands the difficult decisions a customer faces and goes the extra step to ensure their satisfaction.

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